All About The Authors

Alec Deacon is the founder of, a survival expert and author of bestselling manuals and courses. Together with professor Charles Green, they decided to create a one-of-a-kind course that shows you how to survive an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse). An event that would render all electronics useless.

EMP Preparedness

Why Charles Green? Because decades of survival experience show he's the perfect man for the job. He's a physicist who spent 2 years in an Amish community to learn how to live without any electricity. He discovered ways to replace all the technology we use daily with centuries-old Amish methods of living off the grid.

Darkest Days - How to Survive an EMP Attack to The Grid - is The Ultimate Survival Preparedness Manual

Darkest Days

This step-by-step program combines decades of survival strategies with Amish secrets to make sure you can thrive
in a world without any electricity.

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And here's the best part:

If You're Prepared for an EMP You're Covered for Virtually Any Disaster

Why? Because a permanent black-out is one of the TOUGHEST survival situations you'll face.
In fact, long periods of time without any electricity can create a domino effect that TRIGGERS MULTIPLE DISASTERS AT THE SAME TIME.

EMP Survival Gear

A food shortage, an economic collapse and mass pandemics are inevitable. And "Darkest Days" actually shows you how to survive ALL these disasters AT ONCE.

Darkest Days Book

Here's a glimpse at what Darkest Days can do for you:

  • You'll see for yourself how to assemble a simple device that will shield your electronics from the EMP... and it does the exact same thing as a $1499 Faraday Cage.
  • You'll discover secrets from the Amish on how to prevent your food and medicine from spoiling...even if the fridge is down.
  • The 7 MUST-HAVE food and medicine supplies to have when an EMP strikes, and exactly how much to store.
  • 5 vital electronics you need after an EMP strike...missing out any one of these could mean that your family will struggle with the most essential things like communication, light and heat.
  • How to keep your family 'under-the-radar' when an EMP strikes so that hungry and violent looters won't even notice your presence.
  • How to make sure that your car still runs...even though EMP fries car engine circuits.
  • And finally you'll discover how to keep your appliances running while the entire U.S. power grid is down.
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Plus... When You Get Darkest Days You Also Receive 2 Exclusive Bonuses Completely Free of Charge

First you'll get

"Off-Grid Home Protection Systems" a special report on how to defend your home against violent criminals or looters. It shows you how to keep your home safe without any home protection systems and without any use of electric power. You will find out what are the best dog breeds in case of a disaster... And even though it may sound surprising... this guide explains how you can actually protect your home by planting defensive bushes... and in some cases it works even better than a $250 alarm system.

Bonus 1: What every survivalist should grow in his backyard- Bonus1
Darkest Days

And second, you'll get

"How to Make Your Own Pharmacy", the ultimate guide to survival medicine. A special report that will show you the natural treatment alternatives for a time when no doctors will be around. You'll know what natural remedies you can use... and you'll be able to find them with ease. You'll also find out how to prepare them quickly, and the best ways to store them.

Bonus 2: How To Make Your Own Pharmacy - Bonus2

And You're Covered by Our 60 Days Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked

60 Days Guarantee

Here's the deal: get Darkest Days, go through the course... read it, see if you find it helpful and if you want... send us any questions or any kind of advice you might have. When you're done, you have to be 100% thrilled and happy with it.

If not, you have 60 full days to return it and you'll get your money back ASAP.

No questions asked and no hard feelings. I figure that's enough time to go through the material, test it out and decide if it's right for you.